pull up softly more comedyTags like:

overbarrred/overbaRRRed ; "Inside the Spectacle", WELT AM DRAHT, marketingHijacks, "blue smurf" , softButtoned, honeyPotted, proNoia Alert, gaytheonVirus, annoyance-annoying-ALERT, jiggling arouund, switch and glitch-modus, OLDSCHOOLDismantlings [leftgatekeepers, limitedHangouts, noPlaners/planehuggers] etc...

toDO tags: fruitloop alert, AM-alert, i give a f*k Inc., positive signals vs. negative SIGNAALS ; CON-ED'ed [04/13/10] etc...


take some break, walk around the block, hike, bike, chocolate, coffee, cigs.... do only other addictions if u feel *very comfy*. As a german: don't do chemical drugs or eat only kewl WMD-food. See also my food/essen section at facebook, lol... avoid hardcore WEED-HEAD-TalingHeads Talkjing Heads... and c what u can do for uself ; go muschi-rooms instead of mush[y] rooms. avoid uncontrolled BUTTER-effects or whatever. don't do crack, U.S.-speed, GBH related or meth ! etc...

Have a regular job for all other . Don't talk tooo much and find close STFU and STF-buddys, to alert you and your self-compulsive situations. etc... build soft protection systems for uself and become a comedian, NARR ; see also my nicolumbia and nicolumbo protection mashups ;

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