= plug-in Morons and sheeple of the ZERO-league; iPod drones, ZZZ-zombies, CNN-unencoder-junkies etc...

== Protection[s]==

Don't have 'real friends' who behave like Simulacrons, move one-night stands into ONS only in case u f*ked a simulacron, lol ;

Avoid furthermore "Idiots in the 1st league". Become an idiot in the second league and observe the idiots from the 1st league. Explanation: YOU *are an idiot anyway by understanding and encoding, reading the insiders. therefore don't become their "drone" in the first league etc.. etc...

== 1stLeague of Idiots- examples==

"blue smurfs", greekGunts [tbc...] ; 1.5 league : ecoFeminist Fascists, 2nd league of Idiots: nico haupt aka mc nicomedy2010 and many many others, but maybe just a small 3-4 digit in current 2010+ , reGrowing ; 3rd league: screwloosechange = nice idiots, playing with truthlings, truthers and simulacrons. 3rd league of idiots is somehow "blind" on the 2nd league of Idiots, since stucked in their own "Matrix" = unmIndControlled MAR-keting TRICKs-concept[s] etc... tbd....

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