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[ni-]comedian slang for audio-visuelle distraction ; 2010: be cautious reg. additional real and/or [illogical vs. dopplereffect logics or pro dopplereffect logics] sound-geotagged sound experiments ; realsound001 , soundtagged digitized to distract or applaud from "train of thought" (hat tips to al duffy 2009/08 ]

experience: firetruck heading wrongway street...[sound-witnessed by jo13.1, nico april 2010 reInterpretaion: sound truman plug-in ? /speculation...] sound "maybe" soundtagged , 16 other algos possible incl. real truck, parked, then remote-control-alerted etc... [256 possibilities ? ] electro-visual recreations geotagged too etc... tbd...

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