History of outside edits on schattenrennen, not done or forced by *myself= mc nicomedy2010,

also i enabled as many secure-modusI as much as i could, to limit entry-jackers. I recommend to do entry-jacks in personal communications or at your own macroblogs, to reduce an EgoConflict Issue or situation. Be Aware that we have no big chance against CSAIL and co. anyway and evth can be cOPt-infiltrated. CultAlert is very small, since hyper beaconed. Pyramid Scheme does not work, since no "leader". etc etc...

HISTORY OF OUT-edits *here at :

Dinanetra made an edit on April 12, 2010

counter-note: will figure, maybe a friend, maybe Dinametra put up that nice car.

harmless edit, nice, no ProNoia Alert yet. best to Dinanetra. Please inform me on sec-Issues here.

i cannot allow OUT-text edits now, neither i plan it for *now ; = Diary Modus ; thx and peace out ;

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