aka CO'ed [self-protection comedy slang reverse abbr.]= Prisonguarded ; OCC'ed extremely prisonguarded ;

OCC = PrisonguardOP, partly linked to 'gaytheon' sub-virusOPs

== History==

personal ; actually a former prison guard [b.] has an office at 13.1 and 'downed' at least 1 person, OC-/CO'ed at least 2 and more..

extreme forms: violation, jailOPs, reverseAsylumOPs AND/OR rikers island vs. nico's island happy counter culture party DJ/VJ dismantling concepts. Mixes up occasionally with lastmanStand-, 10finaldudes(Agatha Christie)-, prisonIsland- or LordoftheFlies-OPs.

Symptoms: Does NOT work together with "old school-ford foundation topics" or "russian counterculture guerrilla" etc...

Advice: Don't talk "to" CO's .


massags, snapple, pipe-structure, trojan-pronoia-alert, rest is self-protective 13.1-private ;

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