Bundesarchiv Mitre, Bonn, BMZ, Vorführung eines VW Tansporters

getting 45ed ; t

04/12 6:19 AM EST: i did not put up this picture, but it's nice. Right now i am the only writer *here*, for some nicopedia sub structure, ego and self-protection diary form, AND to reduce some confusions, but maybe some settings are open and i have some nice 'guest'. thx and lol ; nice car ; ps: I don't do GAMES here, i am NOt the gamemaster and dont like the GM position anyway. The current modus is a wiki-readonly modus and a protection-guide, also for my closest buddies. best to all of them and the last kewl social engineers vs. highUp perps and spooks ;

== History==

personal account, trust-witnessed by 3-4 of 13.1, desktop gets iPadded [phenomena: 'sudden' 45 degree [correction 5:36 AM EST = 90degreed - sorry for confusion/Badmathzapped ;] desktop without any reasonable explanation. Bizarro-effect: Phenomena disappears 'immediately' after some Raffaelo-social engineering at a nearby DELI ;

bizarro-history: on 04/09/10 my longest friend in nyc ,shows up at my house, and impresses me with stories about the new IPad he's testing [i hate MACOs]. On 04/10 i ironically see an Ipad at cafeOrwell and then again, by some dudes, one day later (playing with "Girls and Robots" [kinda advanced Drone-Pacman-TETRIS] +++ 04/11/10: After some restart modus of my new russian ACER and a shorter nap, when i get waken up by "GreekGunt" and 'gabba' -dude, ironically the first thing i am seeing is the 45ed desktop of /corr: ON!! my russian ACER [confirmed 04/11/10 !!]

== Interpretation[s]==

There are different ACER-types. The russian version has less RAM, soundcard buffer problems, and maybe gets MIT-overjammed.


"...The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT was formed on July 1st, 2003, by the merger of the former Laboratory for Computer Science and the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Both of those labs traced their heritage to Project Mac which was formed exactly forty years earlier on July 1st, 1963....They include US government sponsors DARPA, NSF, CIA, NIH, ONR, and AFOSR, large scale institutional collaborations Singapore-MIT Alliance, ITRI, CSIRO, and Cambridge-MIT Institute, and private companies Quanta, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, NTT, Nokia, Acer, Delta Electronics, Ford, Intel, Sun, Toyota, Honda, ABB, and Daimler Chrysler..." --- see also and archives ff/ewing2001 ; [ed: ewing2001 DID NOT write or paste the following: ... ] SoundCloud experimentation, Wolf DenLOLZ, NoizAngerHut, ExperimentalImaginationWorld, ExplosiveWerk blocked by NoLuv and BAD,FamousGudLuk@WeirdBombRomance, OutingDelusionalCrime: Abroad, but not at Home; DelusionalCrime: expansion or healing? 13.1 is Not My Friend plus the FallofArrogant Bosy'sMission, Fistfights.

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