Barred 10PMEST 04222010

aka baRRRed or BARRRED, depending on your personal AM - anger management reaction 'to your computer'.

barrred = clear signal jamming into your notebook with the effect of having no Internet Access, though at least 3-4 people have access around you, also 4-5 "bars" are clearly visible [pragmatic analysis after all regular routines. Do also check your enable/disable button, though logically you wouldn't see any bars, in case, button is hard-jammed by uself]

== History==

goes back to 2003/2004 when i called these absurde symptoms "nsa-jams". High advanced in 2010+, incl. soft-relocating you as some softDrone into another location, most likely a nearby [free] Internet Cafe etc...

== Interpretation[s]==

endless, or going by cryptography, at least 16 diff. variations or reasonable, pragmatic fixes first to handle... can go high up into 256 combinations. most likely linked to some "games" of CSAIL-sub teams, sub leagues or even league-game masters incl. bedding etc... etc...

see also notes about WirelessHART vs. ISA100.11a - falseflagTerror- WAR in Europe

think about any kind of combinationOPs from the perspective of a spook, to counter calculate back against them.

Minimize the bonkers-alert, do dog walks, let the dog walk for u the way, eat chocolate, control german style NOParanoia Alerts, no panic, analyse potential proNoia routines and change your comfortable-modus until u comfy etc,.... eat chocolate, do 'nice things' or jerk off in case u complete screwed or f*ked...

see also

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